“Mr. Poirier has spent much of the last few years on arty takes on dance hall and soca, and it’s on the songs that blend his old and new approaches — particularly “Double-Edged Sword,” “Long Story Short” and “Abidjan” — that this self-titled, self-released album shines. These songs are brittle but still dubby and surprisingly tense. Even with all that intelligence, Mr. Poirier hasn’t forgotten the dance.” – NEW YORK TIMES

Boundary - Still Life (2014)

Boundary - Boundary (2013)

“In short, putting Boundary into any kind of neat box is just about impossible. Poirier isn’t following any trends or current movements; instead, he simply appears to be following his own artistic vision.”– XLR8R

“With Boundary, Poirier is both pushing boundaries and blurring them. He is stepping back from the relentless festivities of his recent output and reaching for a broader emotional palette; and yet his unwillingness to abandon big beats altogether gives him more wiggle room than your average laptop maestro. He is standing on the outer limits, but has kept a finger on the pulse.”- THE GAZETTE

“Boundary is the new moniker for the Juno­-nominated Ghislain Poirier (usually known as simply Poirier), who steps out of his familiar electronic dancehall territory to bring us a 13­-track album of minimal techno. Unlike the recent resurgence in dark, banging, dystopian techno, Boundary is far more optimistic. Bright, cinematic and heavily digital, this is an intriguing album from an evolving and engaged Canadian producer who isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone.” – EXCLAIM